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Saturday, May 30, 2009

MASUM 2009 UUM.. in memory

im back! huuhuhu
after away for almost 2 weeks
just came back from masum at UUM
sadly, this masum i didnt got any medal
1st round i won against UNIMAP, 2nd round i won against UIAM
but at quarter final i lost to UMS
will try again next year ( might be my last masum )
here some photos.. enjoy!!

at R&R on the way to UUM ( 21st May 2009 ) - USM taekwondo team-
from left: ben, lilyto, albee, keong yu, radhi, tingling, mr pathi, sathiya, qiaoru, eling, thomas
back (from left): heng bing, derrick, chitkwang, taliban, aizat, asma, kai sing, najihah

when we reached there, we were provided to stay at sime darby college. the name sounds big, but the place... aihhsssss

taik kucing on the bed. we were so unlucky that we needed to use cats' toilet as our room. LOL

smelly!!!!~ ewwwww

1st training at UUM, jog around sime darby 3 rounds then collapsed!! LOL

weigh in day, before went to the venue~

my hand after lost in quater final! sosej lazat hahaha

after treAtment by encik fisio. thank you doc


closing ceremony on 27th may - part of USM team -

taekwondo team USM!

we are from engineering taekwondo! heeeeee..~

at the end of closing ceremony, here what i gained!

abang UTHM yg comel.. heeeeee~ at jgn jeles =p

captain basketball USM.. they got silver medal in this masum. lost to UPM in final.. anyway, still congratZ!! abang no 4, ailebiu.. hahaha.. qiaoru jangan marah ( this is qiaoru's bf, dont misunderstand me.. heeee)

see u all next year on MASUM 2010 at UTeM and USIM!

** now already at kuala terengganu to continue my internship training. huh.. back to work~


Saturday, May 16, 2009

MASUM 2009

i will be off to penang this wednesday for masum 2009 at UUM, kedah. now already started the real training, joining the UMT and UDM teams. luckily, i didnt kena buli by them. heeeee..
taekwondo events will start on 25th till 27th may. weight in day still not known.
last 2 years i came back with nothing. i really hope this year will give me something. at least a bronze. wish me luck~



** industrial training + taekwondo training = im damn tired!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

aril in af7 final concert~

aril da msuk blk~ heeee.. kembali berseri2 la af7 utk final konsert ni
huhuhu.. undi afmasuk aril time jumaat aritu 53%, yg len makan asap je.. lalalala
sally jeles r tu~ hahahah
terbaek wokkkk!!

related topic: aril in af7 final concert~

*** happy mother's day.. luv u mum~ tadi da bg adiah, nt esk belikan kakak adiah lak ek? hahaha~


Saturday, May 2, 2009

daftar pemilih

disebabkan taun ni aku da 21, mak aku telah memaksa aku daftar pemilih~ sob sob sob.. da tua, da kene ngundi.. da la semangat je gi daftar. ak caye la aku je yg gatal2 gi daftar. ntah2 sally ngn kimi x de pon daftar2 lg.. hahahaha..
korg sume da daftar ke? jalan kn tggjwb anda sbg rakyat Malaysia~ hahahaha
sekian terima kasih

** demam pok teh belum reda lg.. uwaaaaa.. mana kamu??!! diammu gunung berapi


self-training for MASUM started

1st May, Friday~ after one whole week of holiday, finally i ve been able to train back~ pewww.. now no more the lazy-fat-as* lily LOL. target kicking training ; but the 1st training only lasted 30mins. malas ar training sensorg. ( alasan~ pdhal penat. hahaha ) xpe2, bru 1 st day. esok msih ada~

2nd May, Saturday~ morning jogging and target kicking. this time, the training took one hour and 30 mins. ade perkembangan kan? =p im not alone, at last i ve got a training partner.

Training plan for this week:
Saturday evening~ target kicking
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday evening~ jogging, target kicking
Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday evening~ target kicking
Friday, Saturday morning~ jogging at Bukit Besar

wish me luck! =p

** smalam kuar x jupe pok teh lg.. mne pok teh mnyorok?? huk3