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Saturday, May 2, 2009

self-training for MASUM started

1st May, Friday~ after one whole week of holiday, finally i ve been able to train back~ pewww.. now no more the lazy-fat-as* lily LOL. target kicking training ; but the 1st training only lasted 30mins. malas ar training sensorg. ( alasan~ pdhal penat. hahaha ) xpe2, bru 1 st day. esok msih ada~

2nd May, Saturday~ morning jogging and target kicking. this time, the training took one hour and 30 mins. ade perkembangan kan? =p im not alone, at last i ve got a training partner.

Training plan for this week:
Saturday evening~ target kicking
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday evening~ jogging, target kicking
Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday evening~ target kicking
Friday, Saturday morning~ jogging at Bukit Besar

wish me luck! =p

** smalam kuar x jupe pok teh lg.. mne pok teh mnyorok?? huk3