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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lepakking at Gurney

Last week we ( me, BCD, ChefWieyna, abg long, JaliJambu, FikriSkepa and dr MHU ) went to gurney to throw away our DESIGN thing for a day ( unfortunately this thursday will be my viva presentation. wish me luck! and to BCD and ChefWieyna too, since they're in the same group with me~ =p )
after reached Gurney Plaza, we went for dinner at Manhattan Fish Market.. its dr MHU's treat!! thanx dr!!!!~~ =x


jali si paparazzi tiada di dalam gambar kerana sebok mensnap gambar.. huhu

after that we went out and lepak in front of the gurney plaza.. its cold outside!

majlis menurun ilmu~ ilmu apakah???

the we went to G hotel for a drink~

order session.. but we found out there's so many martinis, beer, vodka... its confuising! hahaha

then we decided to go minum at starbuck! no photo available since everyone were busy with their drinks =p

Friday, October 16, 2009

kekasih yang tak dianggap

Aku mentari
Tapi tak menghangatkanmu
Aku pelangi
Tak memberi warna di hidupmu

Aku sang bulan
Tak menerangi malammu
Akulah bintang
Yang hilang ditelan kegelapan
Selalu itu yang
Kau ucapkan padaku

Sebagai kekasih yang tak dianggap
Aku hanya bisa mencoba mengalah
Menahan setiap amarah


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Penang Ferry Ride to Gurney for Seoul Garden Lunch!

Last Thursday.. me, BCD, JJ, CW and SI went to gurney for Penang Ferry Ride + Eating at Seoul Garden + Shopping (opst!) ~ i just copy and paste the tittle from BCD's photo album in FB.. hehehe

The ferry ride~

SI, BCD, CW, me

Lunch at Seoul Garden~~ eating like cannibal!

CW and JJ

we met SYUK there with her GF.. hahaha kantoi dating!

Ferry ride again!

this was captured by me.. cool isnt it? can see the pos laju lorry there ( i just assumed its a pos laju one hahahaha )

this is me~

** BCD = bluecrystaldude a.k.a incik haaziq
JJ = jali jenius
CW = chef wieyna = wieyna sharif
SI = syahiran a.k.a abg long =p

*** after this, we might not be able to go out lepak like this anymore, till the end of exam fever. too much work to do, and so little time left.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

what a life~~

my schedule for this remaining semester:

12th October, Monday~
Petroleum Term Paper to be submitted
Petroleum Test

13th October, Tuesday~
Report 1 Final Year Project to be submitted

15th October, Thursday~
Lab Report to be submitted
Viva Lab III (presentation)

20th October, Tuesday~
Design Task III and Full Report of Design Project to be submitted

21st October, Wednesday~
Design Test

27th October, Tuesday~
Viva Design Project (presentation)

and 27th October is already my study week.. seems like i dont really have a study week this sem!

the following week then, my final exam will start. huh!

i might as well wont be able to have my semester holiday since the final year project experiment will start during the holiday! demit!!


Aroma Spa

Last week, i went to kuala kangsar to attend an open house. After the open house, i went to Ipoh for an old-time-buddies reunion =p
Shockingly, one of my friend actually own a spa ( its a join-venture between her husband and her brother-in-law )
im promoting her spa! hehe
and i've got 1 facial treatment with great discount!!

the counter

the waiting corner

Foot Massaging

Manicure and Pedicure

Mandi susu

Facial Treatment

They provide:
Urutan Tradisional Bali
Urutan Aroma
Urutan Selepas Bersalin
Urutan Tapak Kaki
Manicure & Pedicure
Fish SPA
Facial ( Electrostatic, Steam, Collagen )
Facial Massaging
Facial Jerawat
Facial Resdung
Sauna Herba
Mandi Rempah
Mandi Susu

Contact them!
Aroma Spa
No 23 Lengkok Perpaduan
Taman Perpaduan 31150
Ipoh, Perak


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friday Night Out 2

Last Friday, we went to QB for a little bit of post-raya shopping. suprisingly, J.Co Donuts is now in Penang. Dont want to miss the chance, we lepak there to taste the heavenly delicious donuts. hoho

free donuts for every beverage purchased

couple wannabe kah? hahahaha

~donut yang tinggal selepas disental oleh GM2 yang kuat melantak

shopping time!!~~

after doing a little shopping, we took a break at the food court while waiting for PM Dr Z to arrive

here's the photo at secret recipe, where PM Dr Z promised to treat us. actually he promised me to give me duit raya, but since he might go bankrupt if everyone will ask for duit raya from him so he decided to treat us dinner.. also invited : Dr MHU and En ATMD

the photo have been edited since the quality is not up to the standard ( ini bukan saya yg ckp.. tuan kamera yg ckp hoho )

PM Dr Z dan duit2 nya hehehehe

maaf ini incik BCD pnye keje hahaha

after dinner, we went to see a movie : sorority row
the movie was great! about a psycho who's trying to save his GF future by murdering everyone around her. that's scary!
while waiting for the movie ( at midnight ) we lepak at the cinema level and doing some cam-whoring hoho

from left: boh, jali, syahiran
Jali~ talk to the finger?
Boh~ which finger?
Jali~ my middle finger!
Syahiran~ Demam wuuuuu =[


open house dr MHU & yie's birthday

the first week after we came back from hari raya holiday, the GM went to dr MHU's house for an private open house =]
we also celebrated one of our members' birthday.

the kek for yie's birthday~ made by chef Wieyna ( dengan penuh kasih sayang )

the birthday boy~

BCD yang rajin membaca walau di mana dia berada~