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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kisah BF dan mengepam


I was reading so many blogs on breastfeeding and breast pumping as I am now trying very hard to fully breastfeed my baby~ Damia Zara.

While trying to fully breastfeed baby Zara, I have few regrets that Im trying to fix now.
The first one, which lead to the next ones~ I didn’t keep as much as possible stock during my confinement period. Sy bkerja di Kamunting. Before deliver, sy mnetap di Kamunting bsama suami. Berkat rezeki baby, my husband was offered a new job in Penang. He started his new job during my confinement period. So temporarily he rented a room for a month since I was doing my confinement in my hometown, Terengganu. Okay, for 2 months Im in Terengganu I didn’t keep any stock. Sy takut bila da simpan stok bebyk, time nak balik Kamunting which the travelling time is 8 hours, all the EBM will spoiled. 2 days before my ML ended baru la sy balik ke Kamunting. 

My 2nd regrets, tlalu lambat mbeli storage bottles. Sy dah balik Kamunting baru beli storage bottle. Jadi nya Sunday night baru la tergesa2 mengepump, hasilnya 4 oz shj. Luckily, my mom took a week leave to stay at Kamunting to look after baby Zara plus my house just a 5 minutes’ drive from work. Sy bleh la balik rumah lunch time, so bleh la DF baby Zara. Since baby Zara baru 2months maybe consumption rate masih low, 4 oz is enough until I finished work at 5pm. Sesampai sy kat rumah, laju je baby Zara bg hint nak susu. Oh, kalau baby Zara tu isap jari tu means dia lapa la tu. Bijak anak mommy ;) Rutin pump hari ini untuk hari esok ni blanjutan slama smnggu sb sy hnya pakai manual pump Avent Phillips.

My 3rd regret, tidak bdisiplin. On that weekend, sy bpindah randah mngangkat barang ke rumah baru kami di Penang. Sy akan berulang alik dr Juru ke Kamunting stiap ari and baby Zara akan dihantar ke rumah babysitter. Kbetulan weekend  tu adalah cuti Thaipussam jadi Monday is the replacement holiday. Sy btol2 letih Sat & Sunday mngangkat barang dan mngemas. Terlalu ikutkan kemalasan dan konon nya kepenatan mengemas dan mengangkat barang, ditambah pula tiada masa nak mengepump secara berleluasa ;p Hasil untuk 3 hari bcuti, sy hnya bjaya mengepump 7oz. Semalam (Tuesday), sy start hantar baby Zara ke rumah pngasuh bbekalkan 7 oz susu. Sy bekalkan juga formula milk in case tak cukup, which is memang akan tak cukup la sbb sy da x bleh blik lunch time utk DF baby Zara. I called the babysitter after lunch, there were 2 oz left. Pulang dr kerja, sy ambil baby Zara kat rumah babysitter. Sedihnya, baby Zara tpaksa juga minum formula milk 2 oz.

Oleh sebab sy mggunakan alasan manual pump untuk menutup kemalasan sy, jd sy tlah mbuat kputusan utk mbeli electric pump. Skrg sy sedang mnunggu the new electric pump to arrive. Smoga sy bjaya menyediakan bekalan yg ckup utk baby Zara.


Change of atmosphere


Hey peeps! It’s been a very long time since my update. My last post was when Im still single and now, I am a mom~

Life after married is wayyyyy much better than before. We are having the greatest time of our life. Should I say, I wished I’ve met him sooner? He is the best friend, the boyfriend and most importantly the perfect husband! 

the love of my life~ mohamad nur asnaim
Before this I wrote about my obsession on eating and shopping but I’m changing the atmosphere of this blog, as my tittle has also changed ;) I’m still me, the shopaholics ;p but now I’m spending  more for the little one. 

It’s a very amazing experience gave birth to the little one. I can’t recall any labour pain. In fact I feel that I can do it again, every year. But of course, not for real. We have our own planning and InsyaAllah the next will only be coming after 2 years ;)

our bundle of joy~ arissa damia zara

So, tell me your side of the story. It’s been a while since my last post. Let’s catch up!