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Saturday, December 19, 2009

little trips

Its been a while since my last post. Its hell of a month. I have been really busy with my Final Year Project that i feel like time is passing so fast. Now i am in the last week of semester holiday which means that my final semester will start very soon. Yet, i havent finish my lab. Damn!
Still i got few updates on my little trips during the Hari Raya Qurban last month. Check them out!!!

As i mentioned in my earlier post, i celebrated my Eid-Adha at my friends house in Alor Setar, Kedah. She brought us for a little sightseeing around Alor Setar. It was fun!

Istana Anak Bukit, Kedah

Menara Alor Setar

last destination is the most fun pit stop we ever had.. LOL i guess attahrel did mention it was Taman Rimba =]

Kedah is encouraging people to have sikap Mahmudah =DD

the scenery is so beautiful and green~~

largest slide i ever saw LOL damn fun!!

Not only me and wieyna so eager to play at the playground...

See.. BCD and Longan also want to play hahahahaha

After come back from Alor Setar, the next day we went to DR MHU house. He invited us to eat mee soup daging kurban. Thanx DR. It was delicious ( of cos it is since Longan finished it all LOL )
DR MHU told us that his house just win the 1st place of Halaman Tercantik Competition for Penang. Congratulation!


Ohh.. last night i watched Princess and the Frog at GSC Queensbay.

Such a sweet, funny story. The two frogs are so cute. Huhu... And the story contains lots of good messages. It tells us not to be greedy and money cant buy love.. Soooooo true! But it also tells us to believe in fairy tales. Hahaha.. ( i wont kiss a frog just to marry a prince! i have my own prince LOL )

* i actually not sure what is the correct spelling of Alor Setar. Is it Alor Star or Alor Setar? Hmmmm....
** Maal Hijrah 1431H to all Muslim and Merry Christmas to those who will celebrate Xmas this coming Friday!!!!

*** Happy New Year.. Welcome 2010!!!!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eid al-Adha 2009

This year, i celebrated my Eid al-Adha at Alor Setar, Kedah. I didnt go back to my hometown at Kuala Terengganu since
1) Bus tickets already sold out by the time i wanted to buy the ticket
2) I dont have much time to go back home since i have to finish my FYP lab ASAP
3)Its kind of interesting to celebrate hari raya at my friend's place which i can experience new things with my friends

Me, BCD, abg long and wina ( the host ) went back to wina's house on Thursday evening after we finished our last lab before hari raya. The journey took about 2 hours and we reached there around 5 PM.

Thanks a lot to wina's family for treating us like their own family. We had fun there!

We came back to campus on Friday night. On the way back, we went to Jusco Bandar Perda to watch Twilight Saga : New Moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The movie is damn, freaking, f***king awesome!!!!! i LOVEEEEEEEEE edward cullen..
Proudly said, im
" team EDWARD " =DD

Thanks to WINA, BCD and ABG LONG bcoz they still want to see the movie even though i know they were really tired after whole day of eating eating and eating! =P

** they knew im a big big big fan of twilight.. not to mention, EDWARD CULLEN! **

i gave this movie: 10 stars!! hahahaha
cant wait for Twilight Saga: Eclipse next year!

*** photos on the Hari Raya will be out soooonnnnn =DD ***


photos on RMD's bufday.. caution: there's a lot of photos =p

We celebrated Afrizal's ( RMD ) birthday which is on 19th November. There were also the 2nd time celebration of DR MHU birthday since the 1st one was without BCD and Jali.

We ate at Nandos Autocity Juru

the birthday guys

AFI AFI mengetuai bacaan doa.. di aminkan oleh FS heeee

Jali muka senget~ hahaha

after that we went to Pusat Karaoke Keluarga, opposite Sunway Carnival Mall.. AGAIN~ hahaha

aksi GAY terkampau~ haha

ini lagi melampau hua3

Jon Bon Jali hahahahaha


nyanyi ke azan RMD? =p



WINA WINA bukak pintu, ABG JALI balek ari RABU~~
*** hot couple cam gureng pisang panas *** hahahaha larikkkkkk

muka ABG LONG buang tebiat~

riang ria~~

incik BCD xmo nyanyi.. jadi x de la gmbar die karok hehehe

after KAROK~ me, wina, jali, abg long and
BCD went to see a movie~~ 2012 this movie is kind of slow when it came to the drama, love story bla bla bla. but the effect, OMG! its freaking awesome!!! absolutely high tech and high cost movie!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

photos on BCD's birthday celebration

after dinner, we went to see a movie. then we hit McD.. huhu

jali mulot muncong~ hoho

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hepi bufday dr MHU

ast night we went to Kenny Rogers Sunway Carnival Mall for dinner as well to celebrate DR MHU birthday. And yes, its the 3 rd BIRTHDAY celebration i had this week.. what a life huh? LOL
At first we went to Jusco Perda but sadly there's not enough chicken at Kenny Rogers there. As DR MHU really want to eat at Kenny Roger's then we decided to go to Sunway Carnival Mall after checked with Kenny Rogers there thats enough food for 8 of us
This time US are ABG LONG, RMD, CW, FS, AFI AFI, DR MHU, me and shockingly~ KAA. might be our new member in GM. who knows? huhu. Sadly ( this one is really sad ) JJ and HZ cant join us since both of them still at their hometown =[ But still, we really wished they were there with us last night. we missed u guys!!

this is the bufday boy~ is it BOY? hahaha.. ask him urself how old he is now hahahha

this is my meal yummy~~

DR MHU bufday doughnuts since he said he had enough of cake then we bought him doughnuts

CW, AFI AFI, FS and me


after dinner, we went to Pusat Karaoke Keluarga in front of the mall.. We didnt plan it at the 1st place but since its DR MHU birthday, we wanted to treat him with something fun.We did enjoy the whole night but i wished JJ and HZ were with us..

ABG LONG on the move! LOL

this is limited hahahaha.. best singer of the night!

** next one, RMD's birthday.. im hoping for another SINGING COMPETITION. hahaha.. but of coz, with JJ and HZ with us.. =]


Saturday, November 14, 2009

hepi bufday rima!!

This month, my calendar is full with my friends' birthday.. its fun celebrating their birthday bcoz
there's tons of food there! LOL

Yum Yum !!!

Last Thursday, me, ilah n rose went to Seoul Garden Juru to celebrate Rima's bufday~ Her bufday was on Friday, 13th Nov but we celebrated it earlier since they got paper on Friday.. Lucky me, i finished my exam already! hahaha

Its me with the bufday girl! hepi bufday rima!!

Rose x ketahuan sb BF majok! hoho.. and im always busy with FOOD!!~~ LOL

me and iIlah~ sarangeyo~~

rima n rose nak sarangeyo jugak~ haha


after eat, we went back.. but still got snap photos in the car.. hehe
actually we rushed back bcoz the 3 of them want to balik study.. haha.. cik ilah bring together her notes to Seoul Garden.. so dedicated and hardworking! hahahaha PULON!

* coming soon~ BCD bufday photos.. =p
** finished exam means MUST start my FYP soon! sob sob cant go back home!!
*** got someone go back hometown and left me here alone.. huk3..