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Thursday, June 25, 2009

shopping motivation

" Beyonce Knowles' slim shopping motivation - Wednesday, 20 May 2009

CELEBRITY SPOTLIGHT - Beyonce Knowles buys clothes which are too small for her as a motivation to lose weight.
The singer-and-actress, who is famed for her curvy figure, admits it takes a lot of hard work for her to stay in shape so she needs to have a goal.
She said: "I buy something too small and then say, 'I have a reason.' I need to wear these jeans or this hot dress."
The 27-year-old beauty also says her dream of winning an Oscar drives her on when she is working out.
Talking about a painting in her gym which features the famous gold statue, she revealed: "I look at it, and I'm like, 'OK, I have to stay in shape.' "
Although she would like to lose a few pounds, Beyonce - who is married to hip-hop star Jay-Z - admits she wasn't happy when she shed 15lbs to play Deena Jones in 'Dreamgirls'.
She added to Self magazine: "I felt very chic, like a model. But it didn't look natural for me. I didn't feel very sexy or feminine, and I didn't have much confidence because I didn't feel like myself."

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source : celebrityspotlight.co.uk

i read this article few days ago, then it crossed my mind. did i encounter the same crisis lately? i felt that nowadays, every time i buy new clothes especially tops and jeans i tends to find the smallest size i could possibly wear. i can fit in both S and M but now i prefer to buy S size, hoping that i can lose some weight and fit in perfectly on that clothes. of course it works! i can fit in on any clothes that i bought, in a week! and samore, i prefer tops with vertical stripes so i will look slimmer and taller. heeee. but i wont say ' no ' to tops with horizontal strips. no girls can say ' no ' to new hot clothes. LOL. I dont think its a bad thing but its definitely an addiction! sure, girls always have this feeling ~ " i cant be fat. i cant look fat. "
I also tends to use tournaments as excuses for hard training i always did in campus. 60% of the reason i trained so hard is because i want to cut some weight, burn few calories and stay in shape. another 40% of course, for gold medal. no wonder this year i havent got any gold yet. this year quite frustrating, but hopefully this august will promise me something, gold.

*** will pok teh sees me if i put on some weigh and a bit fatter than i am now? then i definitely willing to do that!