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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Making Decision

I just realized, its been 8 years since my late best friend, Nana left us. Im too busy with work and life, until I nearly forget her. I really miss her. I cant recall when is the last time I visited her grave. Hopefully this Syawal I'll have the opportunity to visit her, insyaAllah. Al-Fatihah.. May Allah bless her.

Tomorrow will be the 28th day of puasa. Hari Raya is just around the corner. Salam Eid Mubarak!
This year, insyaAllah is the last Ramadan and Syawal for me as a single. Wink2! ;p Cant wait for next year to come!

This year Naim and me, we celebrate Raya moderately as we are now saving every single penny for our big day ;)
Being an adult is not easy. Last time when I was in USM, all I do is study (small portion of it =p) and enjoying life (most of the time). Making decision is not a core part of life, since most of it are just decision that will not impact my life in any significant way—matters such as “What clothes will I wear today?” or “What will I eat for lunch?". There's nothing to worry, except exam which came twice a year only LOL. But now *sigh* even a small thing do matter a lot. Little mistakes at work, tiny issues in relationship, olive-sized good deeds (and of cos bad one). All of that matter. All of that teach me lessons about life.

Another downside of being an adult is the demand of making big decision. Important decision which
have long-term ramifications that will affect your happiness and overall well-being. For example, "What kind of person do you want to marry?" "Where will you live?" Because these and other decisions we face can affect us for the rest of our lives. They require proper consideration.

So, are you ready to make decisions that are important in your life?

Live life to the fullest!

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin