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Thursday, November 6, 2008

How to forget him/her??

1. Forget their names
2. Forget their faces
3. Forget the love that you once knew
4. Remember they have someone new
5. Remember all the harsh things they say when you broke up
6. Forget them when they played your song
7. Remember that you cried all night long
8. Forget how you memorize their walks
9. Forget the way they used to talk
10. Forget the things they used to say
11. Forget their laughs and smiles
12. Delete all their messages
13. Delete all their emails
14. Delete their ym/msn/skype
15. Delete their phone numbers
16. Delete their fs/myspace
17. Just hang around and have fun with your frens
18. Concentrate in study/work
19. Avoid listening to other people's love story
20. Mingle with new people
21. Just think about there's more people WAY better than them!
22. Throw away their gifts
23. Throw away the love notes/letters
24. Throw away their pictures
25. If they ever contacts you back, do not reply
26. Avoid them, if you're working/studying at the same place
27. Forget their birthdays/your anniversaries
28. Change your emails/phone numbers/address(if possible)
29. Go on a vacation

n i will
just a matter of time, b****!



Anonymous said...

hantuk kepala kat dinding kasi amnesia.. haaaaaa.. bagus kan cadangan ini.. huhuhu...

lilyto said...

leh ltk under #30
31 hantuk kepala kat dinding ( by nikillas )

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