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Saturday, November 14, 2009

hepi bufday rima!!

This month, my calendar is full with my friends' birthday.. its fun celebrating their birthday bcoz
there's tons of food there! LOL

Yum Yum !!!

Last Thursday, me, ilah n rose went to Seoul Garden Juru to celebrate Rima's bufday~ Her bufday was on Friday, 13th Nov but we celebrated it earlier since they got paper on Friday.. Lucky me, i finished my exam already! hahaha

Its me with the bufday girl! hepi bufday rima!!

Rose x ketahuan sb BF majok! hoho.. and im always busy with FOOD!!~~ LOL

me and iIlah~ sarangeyo~~

rima n rose nak sarangeyo jugak~ haha


after eat, we went back.. but still got snap photos in the car.. hehe
actually we rushed back bcoz the 3 of them want to balik study.. haha.. cik ilah bring together her notes to Seoul Garden.. so dedicated and hardworking! hahahaha PULON!

* coming soon~ BCD bufday photos.. =p
** finished exam means MUST start my FYP soon! sob sob cant go back home!!
*** got someone go back hometown and left me here alone.. huk3..