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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hepi bufday dr MHU

ast night we went to Kenny Rogers Sunway Carnival Mall for dinner as well to celebrate DR MHU birthday. And yes, its the 3 rd BIRTHDAY celebration i had this week.. what a life huh? LOL
At first we went to Jusco Perda but sadly there's not enough chicken at Kenny Rogers there. As DR MHU really want to eat at Kenny Roger's then we decided to go to Sunway Carnival Mall after checked with Kenny Rogers there thats enough food for 8 of us
This time US are ABG LONG, RMD, CW, FS, AFI AFI, DR MHU, me and shockingly~ KAA. might be our new member in GM. who knows? huhu. Sadly ( this one is really sad ) JJ and HZ cant join us since both of them still at their hometown =[ But still, we really wished they were there with us last night. we missed u guys!!

this is the bufday boy~ is it BOY? hahaha.. ask him urself how old he is now hahahha

this is my meal yummy~~

DR MHU bufday doughnuts since he said he had enough of cake then we bought him doughnuts

CW, AFI AFI, FS and me


after dinner, we went to Pusat Karaoke Keluarga in front of the mall.. We didnt plan it at the 1st place but since its DR MHU birthday, we wanted to treat him with something fun.We did enjoy the whole night but i wished JJ and HZ were with us..

ABG LONG on the move! LOL

this is limited hahahaha.. best singer of the night!

** next one, RMD's birthday.. im hoping for another SINGING COMPETITION. hahaha.. but of coz, with JJ and HZ with us.. =]