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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

d one and only AMELIA SYAZANA

yesterday my friend told me her cousin passed away after 2 days coma. then this morning, when she talked to me about her cousin, one thing crossed my mind..


i almost forget her. or the exact thing is, i totally forgot her. she left me 5 years ago, on 15th jan 2004. today, im having fun while im forgetting her. im living in my dreams, the dreams drift me away. today has made me realised how much she means to me.

" Semoga roh nya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang beriman. Semoga Tuhan mempermudahkan urusannya di sana. Al-Fatihah. "

~i watched you go..taking my heart with you~

i missed u


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~attahrel~ said...

who's she??...aku tumpang sedey..hehe..yang cerita member ang nya cousin tu pn sedey gak..hurm..sabau ja la...

YAN^S said...

siapa tu ???? best friend?

lilyto lilo said...

at,yan^s~ besfren mse skolh mnengah.. ak 1 team tkwndo dgn die dr form 1..

daniel.a.k.a.dEe said...

i'm sorry to hear that, she

daniel.a.k.a.dEe said...

this is life, what comes around goes around... therefore, treasure evry moment you had with your fren..

lilyto lilo said...

dd~ so little time left, yet so much to treasure..

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