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Thursday, October 9, 2008

tribute to nana

15 January 2004..
it was 4 years ago, and still it hunting me. i lost her, we lost her. it was like just yesterday we eat together, play together, training together. but today, im here struggling with books and of coz real world around me without her.
she is not only my best friend, but also a sister for me. there was a dream, we going to matriculation together. there was a dream, we will graduate together. those were promises, and she broke the promises. now, even after 4 years every second is a thought for her. she is the greatest best friend i ever had.
she left without a word, and i lost her without saying goodbye. the last time she said " i love u ", there was no reply from me. it was not a no, but i just thought that no need to say it out loud. bcoz there will be much more time left for us to be together. i never know that there were no time anymore. no more.
yesterday, today and tomorrow, i always want to say " i love u too". can she really hear me? can she reply me?
nana, i missed u.

blue - if u come back

for all this time

i've been lovin' you girl, yes i have

ever since the day you left me here alone

i've been trying to find the reason why

so if i did something wrong please tell me,

i wanna understand

'cos i don't want this love ever end

and i swear...

if you come back in my life

i'll be there till the end of time

and i swear

i'll keep you right by my side

cos baby you're the one i want

i watched you go

takin' my heart with you, yes you did

every time i try to reach you on the phone

baby you're never there, girl you never home

so if i did something wrong please tell me

i wanna understand

'cos i don't want this love to ever end

maybe i didn't know how to show it

maybe i didn't know what to say

this time i won't disguise

than we can build our lives and we can be as one

in memory of Amelia Syazana Azizan 1987-2004