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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Earth Hour is the highlight now. Even my lecturer did speak about Earth Hour in his lecture.

60 minutes can reduce global warming, can decrease world's temperature

in about 10 minutes from now.. it's Earth Hour..
turn off your light, just for 60 minutes..

save the Earth.. save our Planet
Earth needs our help



~attahrel~ said...

aku pun tutup lampu wei...hahaha...

nikillas said...

wah.. aku pun turut menyokong earth hour ini..!!

bluecrystaldude said...

lepas tu nikillas terkejutkan aku kat dalam bilik aku. hahaha :P

lilyto lilo said...

at~ ye ke at? ko x takot gelap? haha..
nikillas~ mkcik ak tutup lmpu tgkt atas je.. ank die jerit ble die tutup lmpu tgkat bwh. tp ak rse ak da violent earth hour la.. sb ak tgk konsert AF
BCD~ ak da agk ;la, die sengih 'eeeeehhhh' kt ko kn? hahaha

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