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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

INTEC Closed & Invitational Taekwondo Championship 09

Huh~ really hard to get a bus.. and really hard to get support from this so called APEX university when it comes to sport~ highlight taekwondo.

This is not the first time USM reject us. we just need a damn bus. what they expect us to do? take public bus, disembark at public bus station at 5 in the morning, waiting outside the gate to wait the organizer to fetch us..?its freaking 5 am, everyone needs to sleep. thats not their fault we have to wait, its USM fault. and 9am the same morning, the tournament start. how to figth??

UIAM Invitational Championship is an example.. we were 16 people and no bus provided. we came back with 4 medals. no one sees us. me myself take the last match at 6pm, injured myself but still, need to go to puduraya for 11pm bus. USM really make us suffer.

Last sem, there's UTM Open Championship. same thing, no bus. then we said, no team.
This time, also no bus. MASUM is getting closer. the figthers need exposure to gain experience. Damn it, this time do we need to say no again? its been almost 8 months without any tournament. UNIT SUKAN, u have to do something. u expect us to give u medal in MASUM. we expect u to support us. we're going there getting kicked by other people, and yet no appreciation from our own university. even Penang Taekwondo Assciation appreciate us. This university is lagging when it comes to sport. No such thing as "USM Aktif"



Guest said...

hohoho..byk btoi cabaran nya..sbb tu la angpa semua teror..semua halangan tu just latih mental ja tu..hohoho
**meh la aku ntaq ang ngan 'superbike' aku...takat SA tu bole makan lg kot..hahaha

nikillas said...

haish... giler mengamuk dah ngko ye.. hohohoho.. marah.. marah.. marah.. jgn tak marah.. huahahaha..!!

lilyto said...

heeee... teror kah?
ak da wat keputusan mktamad. xde bus, ak xmo pi.. nt jd cm aritu. jln hencut2 kt pudu. dgn x sempat mandi, duk dlm bus 6 jam smpy prt bntar. hahaha
**tlg la at, anta aku.. hee.. nk bonceng superbike hg.. =p

lilyto said...

mmg.. kem slm sket kt unit sukan induk tu.. ckp die taun ni MASUM boikot.

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