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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Friday Night Out

Last Friday, me and my friends ( GM & Associate ) together with GM's advisor dr MHU went to Penang for our berbuka puasa as well as to watch Final Destination at Queensbay (QB).
We went to QB mall around 3 pm and shopping and walked around while waiting for berbuka time.
We have our berbuka puasa at Hammer Bay which the foods are wayyyyy too delicious.. slurpppp!!~

The Menu:
Nasi Putih
Ikan Siakap Bakar
Ikan Siakap 3 Rasa
Ikan Siakap Stim
Udang Masak Masam Manis
Kepah Goreng Pedas
Sotong Celup Tepung ( the best! )
Tomyam Campur
Orange Juice
Watermelon Juice

this is syahiran : 2 in 1 ( mengorek gigi sambil mengorek hidung ) wakakaka



Then we went back to QB for jalan-jalan.

Coffe bean for coffee time!

GM & Associate with the advisor =]

before order

after order:
wieyna is trying to reach Syahiran's drink LOL
BCD is so busy with his Malibu Dream
and why is JJ looking at me? har3

BCD, JJ, lilyto, wieyna

After the coffee session, we went out for some air hoho
At the roundabout in front of QB

most eligible bachelor.. dr MHU the hottest man in town! LOL

at 11.30 pm we watched final destination. frustrated! FD 1,2 and 3 is much much better, and scarier