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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Delivery Experience Columbia Asia

Hye peeps!

Today I'm going to share my 1st delivery experience. I lived in Taiping last year before moving to Penang early 2013. When I 1st got the great news, I already have Columbia Asia in mind. Since that was my 1st child, I want to give it the best that I could afford. I wanted it to be a very pleasant experience.
Columbia Asia Taiping has 2 O&G specialist, one is Dr Khairul and the other one is Dr Jeya. I chose to deliver with female doctor so I requested my maternity check-up to be with Dr Jeya. I started my maternity check-up at Columbia when I was in my 7th month pregnancy. Before that I went to government Klinik Kesihatan. For mommies who interested to know about the charges, the charge varies according to the doctor you consult. For me, it was about RM80 per session.
My time came on the day that I should come for my routine 2 weeks check-up on the week 37. My check-up should be at 8 PM but that morning, my urine was brown in colour. I called hubby and asked him to pick me up at 11 am to see Dr Jeya. I informed her about my conditions and she decided to do a urine test. The results showed that my urine was infected and it was brown because it was mixed with blood.
Dr Jeya asked me to go to labour room to see if I have dilated. At first I was really nervous about the pain. But she did it very gently and there was no pain at all. I was 2 cm dilated and she asked me if I want to get admitted. Of cos, no! I still got a lot of work to settle before I leave for maternity leave. She asked a midwife to do a fetal monitoring test using an electronic fetal monitor. There was no contraction yet but my baby is in sleeping pattern.
Dr Jeya asked me to come back for a follow up. I came back at 8 PM and my baby was still in sleeping pattern. There no contraction and no pain at all. Dr Jeya’s concern was that my baby was not moving much so we decided to take her advice and get admitted.
I was admitted on 19th but I stayed 2 cm dilated until 20th evening. Since my baby was still in sleeping pattern, Dr Jeya decided to induce to help me speeding up my contraction. On that night, about 11 pm my contraction started. At first the reading was about 60 only, but towards the morning it went up to almost 120. If during the day, I could still laughing and joking around but that time I could barely talk due to the pain that I tried to bear. The contraction stopped at 7 am.
At 9 am on the 21st Dr Jeya came to check on me. I was 3.5 cm dilated. She decided to send me to the labour room. Usually if you were 4 cm dilated, only the doctor will sent you to labour room.
After took my last meal (1 slice of bread and half mug of hot chocolate) I was sent to labour room at 10.30 am. The midwife started me on drip. The drip contains Syntocinon, which is an artificial form of oxytocin, the labour hormone. Then, my contraction started. Honestly I couldn’t feel any pain until I was 5 cm dilated. I was talking and joking with the midwife and hubby. At 1.50 pm the contraction reached 120. Dr Jeya came and checked on me. That time I was 7.5 cm dilated. She told me the baby was bulging and very eager to come out. After 3rd push, the head came out but stuck at the shoulder. Dr Jeya have to use vacuum since I have no more strength to push. Alhamdulillah at 2.55 pm the lil princess was born. Her angelic face took all the pain away! 

That’s my story. And here is my review:

The doctor
Dr Jeya is a very experience O&G specialist. She’s very friendly and soft spoken. I could not ask for a better doctor and even I have moved to Penang, I don’t mind coming back to Taiping for my next time ;)

The midwife
All of them were skilful and friendly. They’re still smiling even they have to come to do the fetal monitoring at 3 in the morning! But during the time the midwife have to check on how many cm I have dilated, I found one of done it painfully. I have to ask other midwife to do for me instead of her since I couldn’t bear the pain. Dr Jeya done it very gently and I couldn’t feel a thing!
The midwife also brought me my baby for her 1st milk. She asked me if I want start BF or give formula milk 1st. I absolutely BF my baby!
The new born baby Damia Zara
The service
I would give Columbia Asia a 5 star! It was worth every penny. They allow not only husband but also mother and mother in law to be with you in the labour room. But they have to take turn and come in 1 person at a time. But it was very thoughtful and it’s really important to have all the people you really need the most with you during that critical time.
Visiting time is from 9 am to 10 pm. However, for delivery cases they allow family members to stay as long as you are in labour.
The waiting area for labour room
The meals are yummeh! They served mostly western meal. They provide you breakfast at 7, hot chocolate at 10 am, lunch at 12, hot chocolate at 4 pm, dinner at 7 and another hot chocolate at 9 pm.

The facility
It’s a huge and new hospital. You would not regret your stay here.
From this photo you can see the hospital overview
I chose a 2 bedded room. It was spacious and can fit a huge family. It’s a modern designed room.
This photo taken in the my 2 bedded room. On the right is the toilet attached in every room
* Daddy and Lily Jr*
My mom and my sister stayed overnight with hubby. It’s an added advantage to stay at private hospital because they allowed family members to stay overnight with you.
They have a nursery for new born and a nursery for children.
Baby Damia Zara in the new born nursery
The cafeteria serves great food at reasonable price. The outside parking lot is spacious and they also have basement parking lot. And the parking is FREE!

The charges
Here comes the most awaiting part. Yes, the doctor is great. The midwives are friendly. The room are a 5-star-hotel type. The service is VIP class. That’s why you have to pay more for all of the above. For 3 days 2 nights stay, I was charged about RM 3100 and for my baby was RM 500. The total for mommy and baby are about RM 3600. It was a normal delivery but have to use vacuum.

Overall, I gave Columbia 9.9/10 for giving me this awesome experience.
I would recommend all the mommies out there to consider Columbia Asia for your delivery. I will absolutely come back to Columbia Asia for my next time.