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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

im 21 and yet, young~

happy birthday to me~ huhu.. this year quite significant to me since im turning to 21.. big number for me....there's so many things that i wish to earn this year
~i hope that i can get over the thing that haunted me for this past 4 years
~i hope i can get back what i owned last 7 years
~i want to excel in my study.. honestly! =]
~this year masum at least i can bring back a medal.. its been d 3rd year already, i want to archieve something
~i want to love and to be loved, sincerely.. without condition, without judgment.. no lies~
mom, dad.. thank you.. u are my everything



YAN^S said...

Happt Birthday.. so since birthday kau ... kau kena belanja kitorang main paintball nanti muhahahahah

~attahrel~ said...

peeewittt..dah 21 tuuu..moga cepat cantik...haha
**pjg umoq ang n murah rzki ang maunya..hohoho

lilyto lilo said...

thanx yan^s.. hg la blnje ak men paintball.. larat ak nk blanje ampa suma rmai2.. ampa la tong2 duet sorg srggt.. haha
at~ ak x cntik la slame ni??? smpy ati hg.. sob sob..


epy besday kakak ku .hak3 ;))

lilyto lilo said...

tq bella ghebe.. huhu

qasrina said...

happy birthday, semoga hidup lebih diberkati dan mendekati-Nya..

lilyto lilo said...

thanx qasrina =]
wish u well 2

bluecrystaldude said...

nak wish kat sini gak.. happy belated birthday Lilyto!

lilyto lilo said...

huhu.. syg la BCD.. huhu.. tq =p

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