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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lepakking at Gurney

Last week we ( me, BCD, ChefWieyna, abg long, JaliJambu, FikriSkepa and dr MHU ) went to gurney to throw away our DESIGN thing for a day ( unfortunately this thursday will be my viva presentation. wish me luck! and to BCD and ChefWieyna too, since they're in the same group with me~ =p )
after reached Gurney Plaza, we went for dinner at Manhattan Fish Market.. its dr MHU's treat!! thanx dr!!!!~~ =x


jali si paparazzi tiada di dalam gambar kerana sebok mensnap gambar.. huhu

after that we went out and lepak in front of the gurney plaza.. its cold outside!

majlis menurun ilmu~ ilmu apakah???

the we went to G hotel for a drink~

order session.. but we found out there's so many martinis, beer, vodka... its confuising! hahaha

then we decided to go minum at starbuck! no photo available since everyone were busy with their drinks =p