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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friday Night Out 2

Last Friday, we went to QB for a little bit of post-raya shopping. suprisingly, J.Co Donuts is now in Penang. Dont want to miss the chance, we lepak there to taste the heavenly delicious donuts. hoho

free donuts for every beverage purchased

couple wannabe kah? hahahaha

~donut yang tinggal selepas disental oleh GM2 yang kuat melantak

shopping time!!~~

after doing a little shopping, we took a break at the food court while waiting for PM Dr Z to arrive

here's the photo at secret recipe, where PM Dr Z promised to treat us. actually he promised me to give me duit raya, but since he might go bankrupt if everyone will ask for duit raya from him so he decided to treat us dinner.. also invited : Dr MHU and En ATMD

the photo have been edited since the quality is not up to the standard ( ini bukan saya yg ckp.. tuan kamera yg ckp hoho )

PM Dr Z dan duit2 nya hehehehe

maaf ini incik BCD pnye keje hahaha

after dinner, we went to see a movie : sorority row
the movie was great! about a psycho who's trying to save his GF future by murdering everyone around her. that's scary!
while waiting for the movie ( at midnight ) we lepak at the cinema level and doing some cam-whoring hoho

from left: boh, jali, syahiran
Jali~ talk to the finger?
Boh~ which finger?
Jali~ my middle finger!
Syahiran~ Demam wuuuuu =[