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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Penang Ferry Ride to Gurney for Seoul Garden Lunch!

Last Thursday.. me, BCD, JJ, CW and SI went to gurney for Penang Ferry Ride + Eating at Seoul Garden + Shopping (opst!) ~ i just copy and paste the tittle from BCD's photo album in FB.. hehehe

The ferry ride~

SI, BCD, CW, me

Lunch at Seoul Garden~~ eating like cannibal!

CW and JJ

we met SYUK there with her GF.. hahaha kantoi dating!

Ferry ride again!

this was captured by me.. cool isnt it? can see the pos laju lorry there ( i just assumed its a pos laju one hahahaha )

this is me~

** BCD = bluecrystaldude a.k.a incik haaziq
JJ = jali jenius
CW = chef wieyna = wieyna sharif
SI = syahiran a.k.a abg long =p

*** after this, we might not be able to go out lepak like this anymore, till the end of exam fever. too much work to do, and so little time left.