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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2nd Driving Test

tomorrow will be my drivng test. my 2nd time driving test. haha.. i failed for the 1st time. har3.. yesterday i went for refresher class. i almost forgot how to drive a car!! im such a messy when it come to drive a car. wish me luck frens.. i dont wish to fail for the 2nd time. heeee..



Anonymous said...

hahaha.. aku pun fail masa 1st time test drive.. sampai sekarang x sambung lagi amik lesen.. huahahahaha..!!!

lilyto said...

lg dasat
igt kn ak jer rekod buruk

Dr Zek said...

nice blog...i wish u good luck 4 ur driving test

lilyto said...

tq dr zek
do drop here more often.. =]

~attahrel~ said...

hahaha..fail??..padan muka!!!
aku pn dulu camtu..siap 2-2 lagi fail(malu tahap merempuh bintang!!!)...tp p 2nd try tu tero yang amat r....dh tahap bole jd cikgu..hahahah

lilyto said...

siap pdn muke..
ak fail lg

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