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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Job Interview

This morning i attended a job interview test for my LSP 404 Technical & Engineering English. i was very nervous since last night. cant sleep (i mean not enough sleep.. hehe.. doesnt mean i cant really sleep) but luckily, everything went well, perfectly. and hopefully the result will also be perfect.
Here's some of the questions that have been asked. These are for my friends' referrence since i believe still got many of them havent attend for the test yet.

1) Tell me more about yourself. (1st and common Q)
2) What is the subjects that u have learned during your degree that related to this job position?
3) What do you see in yourself as a team player?
4) Do u like to do research? What kind of research?
5) Some opinions said that women engineers have many disadvantages. What do you think?
6) Why do you think you should be accepted for this position?
7) Do you have anything in your mind that u like to ask me?

However, there are many other questions that can be asked from the interviews such as
8) What is your strenght?
9) What is your weakness?
10) What do you like to do most?
11) How can you see yourself in 5 / 10 years?
12) If you are choosen to take this position, what will you do to improve the company perfomance?
13) Can u work in a group?
14) How can you improve yourself?

and i believe that a lot of questions more not stated here as the interviewers can ask you anything they want related to the job u applied as well as your answer for their previous question. so remember to be calm and have confident. believe in yourself that you can do it.

Good Luck to all my friends.



Anonymous said...

eh.. dia x bagi soalan cepumas ke..? maksud aku soalan bonus.. soalan berkaitan isu semasa..?? ko lecturer mane eh..??

lilyto said...

xde pn..
ak ngan puan suzila..
juz die tny pe pndapat ko psl engineer pmpuan x sesuai keje kt site..
yg len bkaitn ngn resume ko, ko-k tp indirect la..

bluecrystaldude said...

Aku Pn Suzila tanye "what have you personally done in contributing to a green environment". Pastu ade gak soklan "what is your opinion on current Malaysia energy sources". Huhu.. agak terbelit lidah aku nak terangkan~

lilyto said...

haha.. kalo BCD sure dpt sokln bbelit lidah nk jwb.. tp no prob kot ko nk jwb.. kn3? heeee

lilyto said...

ad kwn ak pn suzila tny
"why u choose to work in sabah since u are from johor"
pastu die jwb
"bcoz my wife is now working in sabah"
jgn mrh beb

StaindLee said...

mine was; should i choose you or chemical engineer?

i was applyin 4 metallurgist..

my ans: of kos me.. haha..

lilyto said...

wah.. got dat kind of Q also eh?
its like a war btween chem n bahan engineer..huhu

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