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Thursday, October 30, 2008


where there is hope, there will be a person hanging there. lets not talk about anything specifically, but generally. in every second of our life, we keep holding on because of hopes. hopes that make us feel worth it to keep on trying. where the hopes are coming from? can be from a person that really matter in our life, can be from a goal that we really want to achieve in life. and can be from a heart that belong to us, our own heart.

its the best that we live for our own. not for other person, not because of other person. hoping for a miracle to happen, when it didn't happen it hurt so much.

i m tired of hoping that the day will come when all that what i m hoping to happen, will really happen. i m tired of waiting, and i m tired of assuming. because the facts is killing me.

is there any more hopes in this cruel world where people never think of others but themselves?
don't be a person that so noble to think about others, when there's no one that is thinking about u.